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Database & Web Portal Design

Skillsets Below:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows
  • Oracle Database architectures, Apache Web Server, J2EE Application Server, Collaborative Software, mySAP portal server Oracle Application Server (OAS), Internet Application Server (iAS
  • Oracle Application Server (OAS), Internet Application Server (iAS) and Internet File System (iFS), Oracle Discover, Developer, Designer, WebDB, Windows Server (including Active Directory Service), METAFRAME XP, MS II 5.0 & Active Server Pages
  • MS Visual Studio 6.0 tools, including: MS Visual.
  • MS Visual Safe Source Save, and MS Visual InterDev.
  • MS SQL Server, Windows Server; ODBC & ADO.
  • Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation
  • Secure Cloud Integration
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Crystal Reports
  • ERWin, Doors, MS Project, MS Vision, and MS Office Suite.
  • VBScript/JavaScript/Python/Ruby on Rails.
  • Terminal Server/Citrix
  • Oracle Designer and Oracle Web Toolkit, COB Support.
  • Tool for Oracle Application Developers (TOAD).
  • Java, PL/SQL, SQL, HTML, XMLC, C++.
  • ASP, PHP, ColdFusion.

Systems Engineering & Integration

Skillsets Below:

  • Systems engineering management and analysis
  • Cybersecurity analysis, penetration testing and risk mitigation
  • Modernization and migration
  • Database design, development, and maintenance
  • Business process engineering
  • Data modeling

Systems Integration Skills

Skillsets Below:

  • Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Unix, Windows, OS/390 Mainframe
  • Client/Server Secure Applications
  • Secure Data Bases
  • Secure Communication Protocols

Cybersecurity Analysis, Mitigation and Certification Documentation

Skillsets Below:

  • Security Plans
  • Secure Software as a Service (SSaaS)
  • Security Incident Response Plans
  • Continuity of Operations Plans
  • Security Test Plans & Procedures
  • Security Requirements Traceability Matrices

Secure Network Planning and Installation Skills

Skillsets Below:

  • Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Secure Data Technologies, Risk Mitigation
  • Windows, Linux and Unix Networks, VPNs, Multi-factor Authentication
  • LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos, Linux and Unix Networks, VPNs, Multi-factor Authentication

Testing, Documentation, and Training

Skillsets Below:

  • Experienced Training and Documentation Professionals for communicating project results and performing custom user training
  • WinRunner & Loadrunner- Automated testing tools
  • DITSCAP, NICAP, DCID 6/3 and other certification and accreditation

Green Data Center Implementation

Skillsets Below:

  • Comprehensive analysis, modeling, implementation and monitoring strategy
  • Secure Private and Hybrid Cloud integration to AWS, Azure, Google and others
  • Secure data storage and network technologies
  • Multi-phased migration strategy for both servers and application
  • Low-power, low-carbon footprint energy saving servers and storage solutions
  • VMware certified evangelists
  • Xen open source virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  • Low-cost Disaster Recovery implementation
  • Typical savings up to 80% on energy costs

Program and Project Management

Skillsets Below:

  • Requirements analysis and assessments
  • Microsoft Project management tools
  • Security CAT, and Secure file system technologies.
  • Secure private and hybrid cloud deployments.

Intelligence Systems Integration

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) selected the BAE team including NetStar Systems International, Inc. to support the Business and Intelligence Systems Integration (B&ISI/CAI) under the System Engineering and Evaluations, System Analysis Worldwide 2 (SEESAW 2) Consolidated Applications Integration (CAI).

This task provides System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SE/TA) for consolidated post deployment life cycle management of selected applications and systems. Operational support was provided to DIA for managing the life cycle of selected applications and systems turned over to DIA for integration into the agency’s infrastructure. This support included system and database administration, engineering integration, problem determination and resolution, software documentation, configuration management, configuration control, and studies to consolidate selected DIA DODIIS applications into the current environment.

NetStar International provided System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SE/TA) for full operational capability of specific DIA systems and software items that are primarily in the maintenance phase of their life cycles. Also provided support to DIA for managing the operations and maintenance of these systems including: configuration control, change analysis and proposals, system engineering, change integration, system administration, database administration, web administration, information system security administration, problem determination and resolution, system documentation, and software acceptance test plans and procedures

NetStar’s Project Role
  • Performed Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) of all CAI applications and systems.
  • Established a site laboratory and library for the CAI program.
  • Built and installed the baseline configuration of each program application or system in the laboratory using the laboratory and library to investigate and validate problem reports and change requests.
  • Developed work plans in response to valid deficiencies, engineered approved changes to applications and systems, and integrated approved changes into application or system baselines.
  • Coded, tested, and integrated approved changes into CAI applications and systems; updated system documentation and training material to reflect the changes, and disseminated revisions.
  • Integrated new applications and systems into the CAI program and the DIA infrastructure ensuring that the application or system was completely documented, tested, and accepted by the functional and technical managers, and that its installation was fully coordinated with the DIA CCB, ADP Command Center, and CM Shop.
  • Collected and maintained system metrics for all CAI applications and systems.
  • Provided the contractor with information to develop and produce a report that specifically defined and documented the basic operations and maintenance requirements of CAI applications and systems and the resources required overtime for providing this support.

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