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About Us

NetStar Systems International was established in 2000 with a mission focus on secure applications and systems optimization.

In founding the company, Ms. Petruzzo built on her degree in computer science and her experience as a software engineer, program analyst, and technical team leader with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Systems Development Corporation (SDC), UNISYS Corporation, Planning Research Corporation (PRC), Northrop Grumman Corporation, and various Federal agencies.

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Our Products

  • Xen Virtualization
    Our experts in server and application virtualization provide cost-effective virtualization solutions with open source software.
  • Ninja Hi-Performance Secure Storage
    NETSTAR Ninja SAN/NAS servers secure data and automatically replicate to 1 or more online images for high-availability requirements.
  • VMware Virtualization
    NETSTAR provides expert VMware virtualized server implementation and application migration services for high-availability environments.
  • Secure Data Files prevent Ransomware
    Our secure storage applications protect data on any storage device, storage server, or in the Cloud.
  • Netstar SecurityCAT
    SecurityCAT simplifies information assurance & the security accreditation process.
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Virtual Infrastructure Architecture and Design

Secure Private Cloud Implementation and Management

Secure Hybrid Cloud Integration and Deployment

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Helping customers to meet cybersecurity, regulatory, programmatic, and corporate business requirements.

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NetStar has provided services linked to Information Technology (IT) to the
Federal Government, state governments, and private industry.

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